St Barbe Museum & Art Gallery

Our building is closed until 29 July 2017
for a major renovation

To talk to the St Barbe team call 01590 676969

For tourist information call 01590 675586

Opportunities for business

There are many ways for businesses and St Barbe to work together.

Have a look at the following options - or call Director Mark Tomlinson or Marketing & Communications Manager Ann Henderson for a chat. We are always happy to discuss new ideas.


Helping St Barbe as a sponsor

By sponsoring St Barbe you can help us to achieve more - while benefitting your own company in the process.

For each and every corporate sponsor, we create a bespoke sponsorship package that responds to their marketing and PR priorities.

Some of the benefits these packages typically feature are inclusion in our annual What's On brochure, adverts and posters. We can also organise exclusive events and behind the scenes invitations, with the chance to entertain your guests in our exquisite galleries.

If you are interested in corporate sponsorship please contact Director Mark Tomlinson or Marketing and Communications Manager Ann Henderson on 01590 676969.