Summary: bottle, green glass, 'The Property of Lymington Mineral Water Company, Lymington', Lymington and Pennington, Hampshire with original stopper

Identification note: The Lymington Mineral Water Company was founded around 1890 by Henry Badcock using mineral water from wells and other sources in the New Forest. By the 1890s, the rise of the Temperance Movement meant that most towns had a company that produced soft drinks and mineral water. In 1901 the business was taken over by Silas Dore of the Bugle Inn, then by the South Western Mineral Water Company in 1911 and by the Lance family after the First World War. In the 1950s about 2,000 bottles a week were being produced, with two deliveries weekly in an old Bedford lorry. Production finally ceased in 1955, after the death of the Dore brothers.

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