Summary: postcard, titled " The River, Lymington" various boats, two sailing boats with sails up, one is 804, one boat with flags on, possibly Regatta Day, sepia, dated and posted Lymington, 1909

Identification note: The first Town Regatta was held in 1875 and became a major event in Lymington's social calendar. Mate’s Illustrated Lymington from the early 1900s gives a flavour of the atmosphere: “The annual regatta is a very popular function and day-time amusements drawing thousands to the river banks. Here again, something of that light-hearted gaiety, characteristic of the Hampshire folk on holiday is evident, and it can be observed that the art of enjoyment is thoroughly understood in Lymington. In the evening the scene is shifted to the High Street, which is brilliantly illuminated for the occasion by thousands of electric fairy lamps ... The street is crowded with hundreds of joyous, happy individuals; confetti falls in almost continuous shower; at intervals, above the laughter and frolic, one can catch the strains of the accomplished Town Band.”

Identification note: old postcards c. 1910's collected by J.P. Johnstone, donor's father, many cards sent to Master Theodore Reynolds, Boldre

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