Summary: map, hand coloured auctioneer's map, scale approx 1 to 7680, taken from the Ordnance Survey and prepared for Knight, Frank and Rutley of London and Jackman and Masters, Lymington, Lymington and Pennington, Hampshire for the auction of the Newlands Manor Estate, showing the estate divided into 87 separate lots in the parishes of Hordle and Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire, dated 1919

Identification note: In the 1880s William Cornwallis-West of Newlands Manor decided to try to develop Milford into a high-class seaside resort in order to exploit the property he owned on the cliff top with its magnificent views. He wanted to emulate what his friend, the Duke of Westminster, had done at Eastbourne and thereby get himself out of financial difficulties. Plans were made for houses, a hotel, gardens, and a hydropathic establishment, and in preparation roads were laid out and named after the family (Whitby, West, De la Warr, Pless). He placed restrictions on the development to ensure its quality – each plot was ½ - 1 acre and each house should cost at least £1,200. However, the plan never attracted the finance it needed and his vision was never realised. The roads remain though, paying homage to the Cornwallis-West family.

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