Summary: Wellworthy blue and red cardboard box, top blue printed with 'The Choice of the Expert and the Wellworthy insignia. Sides with small blue top and rest is red. Printed on sides with 'Mile Master Matched Piston Ring Sets, The Choice of the Expert, A product by Wellworthy Limited'. Side face has a buff sticker words on which have been typed with a typewriter - 'Type. Humber Hawk, 8 Compression, 8 Oil Scraper, Re-Bore Set No. B3001, 75 + 020 and D/26. 10.3cm square x 6.7cm high. Made by Wellworthy and Co, Lymington, Lymington and Pennington, Hampshire, from the 1940s and 1950s

Identification note: Collection came originally from a firm in Jersey.

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