Summary: letter addressed to Mr and Mrs Gale, no date and no envelope from Johannes Wiedermann, Osnabruck. He wishes them a merry Christmas and says he hasn't seen his wife and child yet. He also asks them to send his possessions and some cigarettes. Part of a series of 4 letters, from three German former prisoners of war, in two original envelopes, one posted in Britain, one in British-occupied Germany, to Mr and Mrs Gale of Ridgeway, Silver Street, Hordle, Hampshire, 1947 to 1948

Summary: Writers appear to have worked on the Gales' farm as prisoners during or just after World War II and to have met with much kindness from them, particularly at Christmas. Nock and Wiedermann write of the appalling state of Germany after the war and Wiedermann asks for cigarettes and, apparently, financial help. See also 1991.44.2 and 1991.44.3.

Summary: Mrs Gale was married to H W H Gale of Flanders Farm. Her parents were licensees of the The Crown Inn at Everton during World War I.

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