High Street

High Street

5 March – 23 April

Lower High Street and Quay Hill by Alick Summers – St Barbe Museum Collection

So you think you know all about Lymington High Street!  Have you stood and cheered the floats in the carnival, taken part in the Remembrance Parade or do you buy your vegetables from the market every Saturday? It may feel very familiar, but it didn’t always look as it does now.

Since Lymington received its charter in the 12th century the High Street has been the beating heart of the town. As well as being home to the market, shops and businesses that helped Lymington thrive, it has also provided the setting for processions and ceremonies that marked local traditions and national events.

This exhibition will explore the past, present and future of the High Street through objects, photographs, drawings, maps and interviews collected from and by those who have lived, worked and celebrated there.

An online version of this exhibition is now on our website. Click the link below.

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