Calling all children and families, head to St Barbe for a WILD encounter!


Celebrating the Natural History of The British Isles
14 June 2021 – 4 September 2021

Calling all children and families, head to St Barbe for a WILD encounter!

Have you ever been up close to a Gannet in full dive as it plummets towards the sea to catch fish, or managed to catch a glimpse of the elusive Red Squirrel as it scampers into the trees above you? This summer you can enjoy some of Britain’s finest wildlife when touring natural history exhibition company Blue Tokay bring their fantastic exhibition ‘WILD’ to Lymington for the first time.

There is an array of animals on display, some familiar and some less so. These include a Red Fox, a Barn Owl in mid swoop and a slice through a pond to see Great Crested Newts. Visitors can get up close and personal with taxidermy and model specimens to learn lots about the biology and ecology of these animals.

The exhibition looks at the environmental pressures these animals face and visitors can learn about how they can help to conserve wild habitats. The displays are set against a backdrop of beautiful landscape images by wildlife photographer Graeme Peacock. Also included are interactives that will engage young visitors with sound effects, images and fun play!

Watch out for wicked workshops and activities to inspire and learn more!

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