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Jeremy Gardiner - South by Southwest

Jeremy Gardiner - South by Southwest

Starts: January 24 - 10:00am
Ends: March 22 - 4:00pm

Coastal Landscapes

Jeremy Gardiner has spent the last five years exploring locations on Britain’s south coast. This seaside odyssey has resulted in a new body of work that captures coastal landscapes from Kent to Cornwall. Gardiner has taken his inspiration not only from the natural world but from popular views of the coastal landscape in travel posters, guide books, postcards and ViewMaster reels which will also be featured in the exhibition.

Gardiner’s work reflects a deep interest in the geology of landscape and how it is shaped by the forces of nature. His working method involves creating distinct layers of colour by building accretions of paint, collaging, scouring and sanding down in an attempt to emulate on the surface of the paintings, the effects of geological time on the terrain.

Image: Jeremy Gardiner - South Foreland Lighthouse, Kent (detail)

62 Group

62 Group

Starts: March 27 - 10:00am
Ends: April 26 - 4:00pm

Conversations: People, Places, Materials, Objects

The 62 Group aim to incorporate and challenge the boundaries of textile practice through an ambitious and innovative annual programme of exhibitions. We are delighted to welcome them to Lymington for the first time. Since its establishment, the 62 Group has been able to count some of the most highly regarded British textile artists as its members.

This exhibition will be built around a series created especially for us by Emily Jo Gibbs called ‘The Boat Builders’, portraits of apprentices working at the Berthon Boat Company. This will be accompanied by member’s work exploring the working relationship that artists have with the world around them and in particular artwork that investigates the creative dialogue that takes place between the artist/maker and the themes: people, place, materials, objects.

Image: Richard Mcvetis ‘Grid Series’ 2019. Photo: Yeshen Venema.

St Barbe Open Exhibition 2020

St Barbe Open Exhibition 2020

Starts: May 1 - 10:00am
Ends: May 31 - 3:00pm

The St Barbe Open returns for its 20th year. This year we will be accepting textile work for the first time as well as paintings, prints, drawings and three-dimensional works.

If you are interested in taking part, here are a few key dates:

  • Website open for submissions from 6 March – 29 March
  • Successful entries published on website on 9 April.
  • Handing-in days for successful submissions are 21 and 22 April.
  • Please read our full terms and conditions HERE

The Young Artist’s Open will also return to Gallery 3

As before there are 3 age groups - under 7s | 7-11 | 12-17 - with each catergory there is a Ted Marsh Memorial Award

  • Art Boards will be available from our Welcome Desk between Monday 17 February and Sunday 22 March
  • Deadline for submissions is Sunday 29 March
  • Information for Young Artists HERE

Image: Gillian Connor, Starlight - from St Barbe Open 2019

Coming up next...

Coming up next...

Starts: June 6 - 10:00am
Ends: January 19 - 4:00pm

Wild : 6 June - 6 September

A celebration of the natural history of the British Isles. A hands-on family friendly exhibition.

The Seasons : 12 September - 9 January 2021

Our major art exhibition celebrates the joys of seasonal cycle as captured by some of our leading artists over the last 100 years.