Dennis Wheatley at Lymington Library

Now that you’ve found out about the man, why not head to Lymington Library to read one of his books?

They also have a great display about Wheatley in their Local History area.

The library has a number of the books Wheatley wrote while he was living at Grove House, including:

  • The Shadow of Tyburn Tree (1948)
  • The Second Seal (1950)
  • The Man who killed the King (1951)
  • To the Devil a Daughter (1953)
  • The Dark Secret of Josephine (1955)
  • The Prisoner in the Mask (1956)
  • Traitors’ Gate (1958)
  • The Rape of Venice (1959)
  • Vendetta in Spain (1961)
  • The Sultan’s Daughter (1963)
  • Bill for the use of a Body (1964)
  • They Used Dark Forces (1964)
  • The Wanton Princess (1966)

You’ll also find Wheatley’s memoirs and a variety of local history books containing information about Grove House.

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