Wheatley at Lymington Library

Dennis Wheatley at Lymington Library

Now that you’ve found out about the man, why not head to Lymington Library to read one of his books?

They also have a great display about Wheatley in their Local History area.

The library has a number of the books Wheatley wrote while he was living at Grove House, including:

  • The Shadow of Tyburn Tree (1948)
  • The Second Seal (1950)
  • The Man who killed the King (1951)
  • To the Devil a Daughter (1953)
  • The Dark Secret of Josephine (1955)
  • The Prisoner in the Mask (1956)
  • Traitors’ Gate (1958)
  • The Rape of Venice (1959)
  • Vendetta in Spain (1961)
  • The Sultan’s Daughter (1963)
  • Bill for the use of a Body (1964)
  • They Used Dark Forces (1964)
  • The Wanton Princess (1966)

You’ll also find Wheatley’s memoirs and a variety of local history books containing information about Grove House.

Click here to find out more about Hampshire Libraries https://www.hants.gov.uk/librariesandarchives/library/libraryfinder/lymington 

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