Everton Grange

estate everton
Everton Grange. LMGLM:2010.142.5.1

Named Evilton House until 1820, there appears to have been a home on this site since the time of Charles II. The owners were Roman Catholic; there was a private chapel at the house, and Father Paul Atkinson (prisoner at Hurst till 1729) was probably priest and tutor to the family. By 1828 the house, now called Everton House, was owned by Major Roberts of the East India Company. Col Goff bought the house in 1881 and rebuilt it, renaming it Everton Grange.

In the estate details of 1904 it was described as an ‘excellent residence’ with two long carriage drives, 18 bedrooms, delightful pleasure gardens with views to the Isle of Wight and 70 acres of estate land. Col Kemmis bought the property in 1908.

estate everton
West Lodge at Everton Grange, 1939. LMGLM:2010.147.10

Robert Walker recalls: “I remember, when quite young, being shown round the livery stables by Mr Horan (groom) and also seeing the generating house and battery room where electricity was produced and stored for the ‘big house’. There was a large staff both in the house itself and outside to attend to the gardens and drives, all of which were well maintained. Some of these workers lived in the Grange Cottages on the left down Lymore Lane.”

In the 1950s the house was acquired by the Hampshire Old People’s Housing Society as a home but it deteriorated beyond repair. In 1985 the estate was sold to Coltens who demolished the house and built nine luxury homes in its place.

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