Hordle House

estate hordle
House from the garden, probably before 1926 when the school was founded. LMGLM:2015.16.1

According to the Rev W Clinton, Hordle House was “originally the old Manor Farm by the side of the old road which has gone into the sea.” It is also said there were two houses, one each side of the road, which were joined into one when the road became useless except as the carriage drive. The house was much enlarged in the late 1800s. By 1841 the house was owned by Thomas Legh, who also built the inn at Hurst and owned Milford Lodge, where he died.

The property became Hordle House School in 1926, established by Rev E Whately-Smith. In 1997 it merged with Walhampton School to become Hordle Walhampton (which in 2013 was renamed Walhampton once again). The property at Hordle, covering a total of 18 acres, was sold to a Winchester-based property development company.

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