Setley House

estate -setley
Setley House, built in about 1855, with the servants wing visible on the right. LMGLM:2011.116.4

Setley House, which stands on the main Brockenhurst-Lyndhurst road, was built in about 1855. The Forman and Clapham families, who lived at Setley, appear to have been fond of their servants, judging by the photographs in their family albums.

estate -setley
Doris Forman of Setley House with her horse ‘Taffy’. LMGLM:2011.116.21

Doris Forman grew up at Setley House with her brothers Hubert and Geoffrey. Her mother was from the Curtis family who had a sea-biscuit business. Sir William Curtis (1752-1829) was Lord Mayor of London. In 1917 Doris married Lieut Neville Clapham of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force at a service in the Chapel of Rhinefield House.

The following gallery contains more images of Setley House and information about the estate.

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