high street

104 High Street

Edward Badcock, draper, was based here in the 1860s. By the 1890s the site housed the International Tea Co, and the International Stores in the 1930s. It is now Superdrug.

105-106 High Street

Edward King (1821-1885) set up in business here in 1858. He had moved to London in 1845 when his father Richard remarried (a marriage he called ‘unpleasing’) but returned in 1855 and re-joined the family business, which had moved here from No 126, living with his family above the shop. By 1881 it had been taken over by his sons Richard and Charles. After Richard moved to London to open his own business in about 1890, Charles continued to run Kings, assisted by his daughters. He established the Popular Advertiser in 1891, printed the New Forest Magazine and produced a second edition of his father’s book ‘Old Times Revisited’. When he died of pneumonia in 1914 his wife Annie took over, joined by their son Edward in 1918. After Edward’s death in 1974 his two daughters, Mary and Janet, continued to run the business until it was sold in 1988 to four staff members. It is now Waterstones.

The tall building behind No 106 with a prominent roof was built by Mr West, a previous occupant, for use as two music rooms which were later converted to printing works.

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