high street

119 High Street

John Dixon, a photographer and seller of fancy goods, had a shop here in 1861. Later businesses included D Elgar (seller of china, glass and fancy goods), Lymington Steam Bakery and the Electric Light Company. The building was demolished, along with the Town Hall, and is now the entrance to Earley Court.

120 High Street

Various photographers including Mr Stephens, CW Bennett, FJ Arnott and Frederick Drew, made this building their home for many years. Arnott travelled around the New Forest from 1903 taking photos of the local area that he would then develop in the glass lean-to at the rear of the building. Drew, the last photographer to occupy the premises, retired in 1951. It is now Clarendon Fine Art.

121 High Street

Charles Carpenter had a hairdressing business here for a long time. Later proprietors were George Jenvey & JC Blachford and then Jack & Jill’s baby shop. It is now The Wool Shop.

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