high street

122 High Street

John Behr, pastry chef and confectioner, ran a business here from the 1850s to the 1880s, when he moved to premises on St Thomas Street. In 1932 Frederick Hall and his wife Victoria acquired the building from Mr Gauntlett who was a bookmaker. The site was taken over by Aldridge’s Dairy in 1939. It is now Lounges.

123 High Street

Dressmakers, milliners, bootmakers and china sellers were some of the businesses here before HE Figgures set up a hardware, china, glass, ‘talking machines’ and record store in about 1913. He also took over the adjoining building, No 124, and by the 1950s had moved into No 122 as well and was selling radios, TVs and bikes

124 High Street

For a few decades in the mid to late 1800s, ownership of this building switched between the Elgar and Lobb families, before the arrival of Henry Figgures in the 1910s. It is now Saltrock.

125 High Street

Silas Dore, landlord of the Bugle Inn, owned or resided in this property in the 1860s. In later years No 125 housed a tailor, bootmaker, butcher and building society. It is now Fells Gulliver.

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