high street

135 and 136 High Street

WE Laing, bootmaker and outfitter, was based here in the 1890s, followed by Georgina Balls, who managed an outfitter and bootmaker’s shop in 1911. She was assisted by her husband’s nephew William Laing, implying that the business had remained in the family. It is now Lal Quilla.

137 High Street

James Malser owned Nos 137-9 in the 1840s. Later this building was used as a bootmaker, butcher, grocer and pram shop run by Balls (whose main premises were across the road at Nos 2-5).

138 High Street

Eli Rickman set up a fruit and fish shop here in 1851, which remained open for over half a century. Now, combined with No 137, it is Quba & Co.

139 High Street

Bakers, confectioners and saddlers were based here before the building was demolished in about 1908 to widen the access to Gosport Street.

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