14 High Street

Mainly a residential property, this building briefly housed a solicitor in the late 1870s. It was taken over by J Roberts, dental surgeon in the 1950s before becoming part of Stanwell House Hotel in the 1980s.

15 High Street

In 1759 General James Wolfe spent the night here, in his cousin’s house, before leaving for Canada where he commanded the British Army at the capture of Quebec. Later the building was used for a ladies’ school, run by Miss Groves in 1825 then Mary Galpine from 1839. Mary’s boarding school, which had seven staff and 16 pupils in 1841, seems to have been taken over by the Misses Rose by 1861 who taught 23 students. By 1871 Elizabeth Rossiter and her sister were in charge and by 1875 the school was being run by Miss Taylor and Miss Johnson. William Murdoch then had his own school at the premises (previously based at Nos 63-64) from 1896 until his death in 1903. Subsequent owners included a solicitor, a physician and a surgeon before it became Stanwell House Hotel after the Second World War.

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