16 High Street

Thomas Colborne, builder and auctioneer, occupied this site in 1839 with Samuel Elgar taking over in 1861. The son of a local master carpenter, Samuel set up business in 1830 as a decorator, plumber, builder and undertaker. The firm built a number of properties locally including the town hall at Nos 117-118 and Quarr House in Sway. The business continued until Peter Elgar retired in 1985. It is now Cell Zone.

17 High Street

Richard Beach, nurseryman, seedman and fruiterer, ran his business from Nos 17 and 18 in the 1830s. In the late 1800s Henry Doman operated as a printer, bookseller and had a stamp office here – where revenue duties were collected for the government. In the late 1930s hairdresser JC Blachford occupied the building, which remained with that family until the 1980s. It is now Buchanans.

18 High Street

One of the High Street’s many private schools was located here from 1871 to 1881 and run by Sarah Cowley. The school then seems to have moved to Captain’s Row. It was briefly a private residence, then Ing’s tailors before Walter Rugg, a tobacconist, opened his business. His shop was here from 1913 to the 1950s and was followed by accountants, a café, a gallery and now Save the Children.

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