21 High Street (cont.)

From about 1909 Annie Banks ran another Girl’s School here, at the Gentleman’s Club House to the rear of the building, in what is now the British Legion. By 1931 it was named ‘West End School’ and run by the Misses Hobkirk. Appearing to take its name from wherever it was located, the school later moved to Trafalgar House and then Ridgeway in Pennington in 1946.

22 High Street

Phoebe Beeston occupied Nos 22 and 23 High Street in the 1840s and may have been a relation of the Mrs Beeston who owned the Sea Water Baths in 1787. Phoebe was the sister of Captain Josias Rogers and Rear Admiral Thomas Rogers. Josias died of yellow fever in Grenada in 1795 while fighting Fédon’s Rebellion – an uprising by some of the enslaved against British rule. There is a memorial to Josias at St Thomas Church. Since the mid-1800s the building has seen a variety of uses including estate agent, dressmaker and dental company. It is now Café Tres Bon.

23 High Street

Bootmaker Leonard Lewis occupied this site from about 1871, after which he went into partnership with Henry Badcock and reopened the shop as an estate agent. They moved from here to Nos 91 and 92 in the 1910s and from there to No 40 in the 1930s. It is now Watches of Distinction.

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