26-7 High Street

Now Osbornes, this is the earliest surviving building known on the High Street, dating from around 1480-1500. The whole structure was originally part of a larger property incorporating Nos 28 and 29 which, when sold in 1673, was called The Angel and was probably an inn.

28 High Street

This building has been popular with a variety of watchmakers, including James Beeston, JW Gulliford and Frederick Loader, whose business was just down the hill from his mother Elizabeth’s confectionary shop at No 31. Nos 26-31, along with Nos 110 and 111, were owned by the Hobbs family in 1840.

29 High Street

The Misses L & J Woods sold art and fancy goods from here in the 1880s and were followed by Bennett’s, which sold wool, needlework and sewing machines and was also a cleaners, dyers and fancy bazaar. Culls took over the property in 1927 and by the 1980s the building was known as ‘The Pooh Shop’. It is now Caffe Nero.

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