30 High Street

Greengrocers and food suppliers were based here for over a hundred years, including Bran Brothers in the 1910s who sold fish, game, poultry and ice. The chain MacFisheries arrived in the 1920s but in the 1980s the building was taken over by Bristol & West Building Society. It is now With Love Tattoo and Lymington Cat & Kitten Rescue.

31 High Street

Hatters, tailors, confectioners, hairdressers and drapers have occupied this building over the years. The longest-standing resident appears to have been F Humphreys the hairdresser whose family ran a business here from the 1890s to the 1980s. It is now Marie Curie.

32 High Street

T Perkins, John Wright and Mrs A Everest were all former occupiers of this building and ran hairdressers out of the premises. It later became an optician, then a jeweller and is now the Perfumery & Co.

33 High Street

Watchmakers HM Shaw, Charles Padbury, Charlotte Padbury, Jas Hubbard and F Schreiber occupied this building from 1840 to the 1910s, followed by jewellers Hardy, Illiffe, Walsh and Reeves. It is now Thirty Three Boutique.

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