49 High Street

Drapers, tailors and outfitters were this building’s principal occupants for about a hundred years before a dental surgeon and then a watchmaker set up shop. One of the tailors was Edward Stone, who had a store here in the 1910s and 1920s and lived at The Poplars in New Street. Edward was a Justice of the Peace, mayor of Lymington, Superintendent of the St John’s Ambulance Corps, Chairman of the Lymington Gas Co and a prominent Freemason.

50 High Street

Rebecca Dalton Banks ran a ladies’ school here from about 1875 to 1891. She was the cousin of Fanny Banks, who taught at the Noakes’ school at No 48 and it’s possible these two schools were linked. The building was later occupied by Clissold Loveland, photographer, then the Camera Shop and now Hazy Days.

51 High Street

A small pub, the Waltham Arms, was based here from about 1860 to 1943 and run by a Mr and Mrs Beer in 1913! It then became a florist and, at a later stage, a cleaners. It is now Oxfam.

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