5 High Street

Butcher G St John owned this building in 1878 – perhaps a relative of the greengrocer J St John based at No 3? The building was occupied by W Pritchard in 1891, who sold tinware and oil, the British Colonial Meat Co in 1931 and the Mayflower, a Chinese takeaway, in 1984. It is now Edwards Heavies

6 High Street

Gunmaker Alfred Clayton occupied Nos 6 and 7 in 1840, while later tenants included a nurseryman and at least three butchers – including the British & Colonial Meat Co which had moved from next door. It now houses the Frock Shop

7 High Street

Now teeming with cafés, what was possibly Lymington’s first ‘refreshment rooms’ was run by George Cunningham and had opened by 1871. In the 1890s the building was occupied by Sgt F Haskell, a bootmaker and bandmaster of the Lymington Town and Volunteer bands. ‘Chappy’ Bran’s butcher’s shop and Rugg’s the tobacconist were also based here. It is now Made in Italy.

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