54 High Street

A private residence for many years, Home or Holme Mead was purchased by the Misses Sharp, who lived at No 53, sometime around 1910. In 1914 it was loaned to the military authorities as a hospital for wounded soldiers and sailors. Between 1914 and 1918 about 3,000 patients were treated at the hospital, which was staffed by the Voluntary Aid Detachment with the help of several trained nurses, under Elizabeth Chinery. The wife of surgeon Edward Fluder Chinery, who operated out of Monmouth House in St Thomas Street, Elizabeth was also vice-chairman of the Lymington Centre of the St John Ambulance Association (1916). She is commemorated in a large stained glass window in the Courtney Chapel of St Thomas church. After the Second World War the building gradually deteriorated and was ultimately knocked down and rebuilt as a Post Office in the 1960s.

While the main Post Office building is empty, the Royal Mail still operate a delivery office to the rear while No 54b houses Coral and the Oakhaven charity shop.

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