8 High Street

George Tiller, a nurseryman, florist and seller of ‘fancy goods’, had a shop here with his wife Isobel (Dolly) for nearly 20 years from 1881. After George’s death his children Fred, Bertha and Isobel ran a nursery garden in Gosport Street. The premises was then occupied by a newsagent for many years. It is now Golden Barber.

9 High Street

S Rose, upholsterer and undertaker, had premises here in 1895. By the 1950s EL Bale, hairdresser and tobacconist, were welcoming clients (as well as the occasional horse) to the building. It is now Mine’s a Pasty.

10 High Street

From at least 1851 to 1880 the Albion Inn was located here, run by William Thring and then his wife Louisa. William was also a vestry clerk and an administer of smallpox vaccinations. His daughters were straw bonnet makers and his son William Thring Jnr was a bill poster, town crier and rented out market stalls. By 1894 the building had become vacant, the land had been turned over to allotments by 1913 and in 1927 the Masonic Hall was built.

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