high street

91-92 High Street

The site of Lymington’s first bank, St Barbe bank opened in 1788. It closed in 1826 when Charles moved the business to Bellevue House at No 48. James Corbin had the longest-running establishment at this site. He set up in the 1830s as a chemist and also a wine, spirit and stamp distributor. He went into partnership with a Mrs H Nike in the 1860s, J Hayward in the 1870s and Henry Parsons in the 1880s. In 1895 Edward Badcock took over the premises, trading as a silk mercer and cabinet maker until 1913 when he set up as an estate agent with Leonard Lewis, trading as Lewis & Badcock. They also had premises across the road at No 40. After the second world war Peter Langham Browne took over the building. He was a draper, sold furniture and was an undertaker. In about 1980 the building was demolished and rebuilt and is now Costa.

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