The social side

Social Club at Wellworthy LMGLM:1991.10.185

Wellworthy established its own social and sports clubs quite early on in its history, subscriptions for which were deducted directly from wages. Norman Wearne was employed at the firm from 1938. He recalls: “I should think the social side started in the mid 1920s and [with] the expansion of Stanford Road, they started the social club then. They had snooker tables, darts during the war, and a bar and things like that. It was just a social get
together and to have a drink and a talk, because you never had a lot of social time in the war, because of the hours.”

Wellworthy employees in Lymington Band in 1956 LMGLM:1997.356

At one time the social club was the most successful club in the area, holding discos on Thursdays and hosting live groups on Saturdays. There was a sports field at Ampress that was used for football and cricket matches, played between factories or between staff and workers, and an angling club at Sowley Pond, the only remnant of the firm that remains to this day. Wellworthy also put on outings for employees and retirees, to places like Wookey Hole and Kew Gardens, and held dances in the Masonic Hall.

The gallery below shows different social clubs, events and facilities available to Wellworthy employees.

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