St Barbe has announced the launch of its ambitious Reaching Further campaign, with the twin aims of providing new services to parts of the local community who currently have little or no contact with heritage and the arts, while at the same time reaching out to the whole community to raise the funds necessary to replace grants previously received from both central and local Government.

As part of the Reaching Further project, St Barbe is developing innovative work with children under 5, school groups, teenagers with autism, people with dementia and socially isolated older people. In the next few months they will start a community Access Panel, a group that includes a range of disabled people to help improve their access and engagement. A Young Curators Panel is also being developed to help look at the museum collections with fresh eyes and develop services for young people.

Fundraising is vital to the Reaching Further project ensuring that the museum can continue the high level of services  currently provided while, at the same time, launching the new range of community initiatives that enable the museum to take its services to current visitors and the whole community. There are many ways people can help with fundraising and sponsorship to replace the lost government funding:

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