Exciting times ahead in the Learning and Engagement department at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery.

St Barbe Museum is where the magic of historic tales and memories of our wonderful area can be explored. Through the use of multifaceted interactive activities, all learning styles are covered to enrich pupils’ experience of learning and visiting a museum.

Take part in our Young Person’s Photography Competition – the theme is ‘Nature and Wildlife’ deadline 5 July 2021.

When learning is fun, learning will last! 

From our guest book

Learn about the history of Seaside Holidays and find out what a ‘Penny licker’ is or discover and learn the (light) science behind the Materials World; or become a smuggler, a councillor, a pre-historic human or an art critic.

School Workshops

We have a variety of sessions for KS1 and KS2 covering social history, local studies, significant people, science, art and citizenship. All based on the Museum handling collection and gallery displays.

We are always looking to develop workshop ideas to suit different age groups e.g. KS3-5 and other curriculum areas, so if you don’t see something that suits your needs please contact our Learning and Engagement team to discuss how we can work together to deliver a more varied and high-quality educational service.

Schools Membership Scheme

Fancy having three or more facilitated sessions per year? Why not sign up to our Schools Membership scheme. For more information see Workshops for Schools and Prices above. Any questions please contact us.


Although we believe that for your pupils’ a visit to the museum is more than just the information in the workshop (it’s getting out of the classroom, learning to visit a museum, new experiences and exploring new information in different ways; to name just a few), we do understand the pressures on schools today don’t always allow for these experiences.

Therefore, if you really can’t come to us, we can bring our workshops to you and make the magic happen in your classroom.

Contact Us

To book your workshop or to discuss anything further please contact learning@stbarbe-museum.org.uk

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