Our research facility offers an opportunity to delve deeper into the collections at St Barbe. Are you interested in learning more about your local family history, where you live or the development of local towns and villages? Or perhaps you’re a local historian writing a book on the area. Visit the research room to explore our extensive collection of photographs, postcards, maps, ephemera, books and information. 

We also hold the parish records on microfiche and the archive of the New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times

As of December 2020, we are pleased to announce that we now hold eminent local historian Jude James’ research notes. 

Staff and volunteers will be on hand to help you find out more.

Due to Covid-19 we are having to allow access to the King Research Room by pre-booked appointment only. This is so we can quarantine anything that is touched and keep us all safe.

Please contact rosalyn.goulding@stbarbe-museum.org.uk with details of what you would like to research and your telephone number. 

To make an appointment or lodge an initial enquiry, please contact enquiries@stbarbe-museum.org.uk

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