St Barbe’s collection contains over 22,000 items relating to the area between the Solent Coast and the New Forest, with significant material about the surrounding towns and villages of Ashley, Barton, Bashley, Boldre, Downton, Everton, Keyhaven, Milford, New Milton, Pennington, Pilley, South Baddesley, Sway, Wootton and Tiptoe.

The collections and the stories that they tell reflect many aspects of life in the area from prehistory to the present day including domestic life, industry, shops, trades, farming, leisure, sport, war, holidays and the local environment.

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We have over a 22,000 object records online, with more added regularly. Records are never closed and we are constantly updating the information we hold about our objects as we discover new information or change how an object is interpreted. Sometimes we make mistakes in our transcription such as spelling, or miss relevant information.

If you have have further information related to an object record, or concerns about the language in this record, please share your feedback.

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