Ashley Clinton

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Ashley Clinton. LMGLM:2007.33.286

Ashley Clinton House was the home of Sir Henry Clinton who fought at the battle of  Waterloo. His descendants lived there until the 1950s. The house had 11 bedrooms, four staff bedrooms and extensive grounds. On top of the tower was an observatory. In 1958 the estate was sold off to the Barker Mill family. The house was badly neglected and had become derelict by 1979 when it was burnt down by arsonists, leaving only the tower and stable block still standing. The tower remains visible from the main Lymington-Christchurch road.

The estate included virtually all land from Barton to Hordle and in 1958 comprised six farms including Taddiford, Beckton, and Ashley Manor, nine cottages and 1,000 acres. The sale brochure suggested that it could be split up for gravel extraction, building or holiday camps.

The following gallery contains more information and images of the estate.

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